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OneCore Global


, Stamford, CT, US

About OneCore Global:

OneCore Global is a provider of cloud-based platform(s) to automate, digitalize and create efficiency in inherently manual, paper-based processes in commodities market. Our patent pending technology allows participants (trading companies, brokers, banks and other actors in trade lifecycle) to create their own unique data set/format to exchange with their partners yet have a singular data driven, real-time platform and user experience at their fingertips.

Our Products:


OneConfirm provide ability to manage trade confirms along with Broker Confirms, Price Fixings, Rack Liftings, Notice of Readiness, Contract Optionality among other lifecycle confirmations through its customized data format.


OneInvoice platform provides our customers with ability to send invoices with varying granularity of data depending on the commodity and region using customizable format. With support for matching algorithms, the platform can be used for reconciliation for pipeline and ISO/TSO settlements.
OneCore Global