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Clement’s House, 27-28 Clement’s Lane, London, EC4N 7AE , GB

Orchestrade’s ETRM has been designed and built for today’s energy markets. We offer comprehensive front, middle and back-office functionality across energy trading, renewable assets, B2B/B2C supply contracts and environmental trading in a single open and highly performant platform. Our modern, multi-threaded and scalable architecture is designed to meet the increasing need to support high volume, short-term trading, large data volumes (forecasts) and complex products such as PPA’s.

We offer a range of deployment options from on-premises to public/private cloud hosted and SaaS to support client needs.

The platform is designed to deliver real-time position and valuation of large complex energy portfolios across trading, assets and supply. We also provide real time stress-testing, market risk and credit risk across the portfolio. A wide range of physical and financial instruments across, power, gas, emissions and environmental products, crude and refined products, coal and freight are supported.

STP market connectivity, open API’s and event-based automation allow superior flexibility and reduced operational overhead. Orchestrade’s design supports innovation and allows and businesses to scale and evolve quickly in the everchanging energy landscape, whilst also delivering a significantly lower cost of implementation, upgrades and ongoing operations.

With offices in London, Paris, New York and San Francisco, we support clients across energy, banking, asset management and hedge funds