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Value Creed

Overview is the world’s fastest-growing commodities trading and risk management consultancy specializing exclusively in optimizing market-leading CTRM platforms like; Allegro, RightAngle, Endur, Adapt2, PCI, iRely, WEnergy Software, Enuit, Hitachi and more. The firm combines functional and technical expertise from software selection through run-operate success to reduce workflow bottlenecks, ensure accurate EOD reporting, accelerate upgrades, software release updates, and identify opportunities for performance optimization so IT teams can focus on high-value programs and rely on timely and intelligent remediation for 24/7/365 user support.

Why Value Creed?

Every member of the information technology team seeks application optimization, efficiency, and continuous improvement to focus constrained resources on high-value projects. That’s why Value Creed’s executive team created the first CTRM platform selection, optimizing, integration, and support model designed to accelerate and continuously improve each of these stages of maturity.

Business Operations Lifecycle Expertise is Critical to Successful Execution

Empower your supply, trading, and marketing operations to proactively identify operational, procedural, and governance gaps in order to design, implement, and optimize commodity trading and risk management processes for present and future business demands.

Comprehensive Services for Commodity Trading and Risk Management Businesses

Value Creed

Value Creed Advisory Services

Value Creed’s commodity trading and risk management advisory services include four main disciplines:

Business Process Design & Optimization

Software Selection

Program Management

Trading Risk Management

We conduct an in-depth audit of your procedures, challenges, and unique advantages to help you identify, align, and streamline your software to your critical processes. We’re fully conversant with all platforms and base our advice based solely on what’s right for you, whether it’s Allegro, RightAngle, Endur, or another leading platform.

Achieve Business Critical KPIs with Value Creed’s CTRM Solutions

Commodity trading and risk management platforms are core to many businesses. Whether the company extracts, processes, markets, trades, or consumes commodities, workflow processes must align to enable informed decisions. Value Creed enables firms using RightAngle, Endur, Adapt2, PCI, iRely, WEnergy Software, Enuit, Hitachi and other platforms to increase capacity of hard-to-find CTRM talent, delegate overnight tasks and user support, perform upgrades or new implementations, automate repetitive workflow steps and more with a suite of services with a partner dedicated to continuously innovating.

Business Process Outsourcing

Alleviate capacity constraints and knowledge gaps by leveraging our staff of CTRM experts to manage demand and free internal resources.

Managed Services

Rest easy with Value Creed’s experts managing your platform maintenance, overnight monitoring, user support, troubleshooting, and report confirmation.


Our deep understanding of CTRM platforms and the functional needs of organizations throughout the commodities value chain ensures a seamless go-live.


We drive innovation to tap greater functionality, expand into new territories or commodities, and respond to market challenges and opportunities.


Fast, accurate, complete, and repeatable testing for upgrades and enhancements, meticulously coordinated, executed, and documented.

Expertise on Demand

Value Creed is your source for rare skills that deliver 24/7 support, mobilize data, boost productivity, and enable more strategic deployment of internal IT staff.

Data Smart

We make sure your data is ready to work for you around the clock, wrangling, retrieving, and flowing it where it can be used to make critical business decisions.

Cloud Services

Trust Value Creed to unlock all the productivity and financial advantages CTRM on the cloud offers. We’ll migrate your data, upgrade your software, and host your platform.


We synthesize and synergize IT tasks with CTRM processes to enable rapid development, testing, and monetization, reduce transaction costs, and foster continuous improvement.

Database Management

Value Creed’s optimization and scalability services futureproof database operations through cloud storage and low-cost SQL RTB. 


Robotic Process Automation

We write software to automate routine, repeated and complicated tasks, making redundant data entry and mindless form-filling things of the past.

Run Smart™ Managed Services for CTRM Platforms by Value Creed

With CTRM expertise in high demand, Value Creed’s RunSmart™ specialized managed services for commodity trading and risk management platforms enable IT organizations to deliver at 24/7/365 support and 99.8% uptime for these business-critical systems.


Explore three forms of CTRM Managed Services

By employing Value Creed’s Run Smart managed services, companies can benefit from three distinct services to enhance their daily business processes and technical readiness:

Proactive Overnight Monitoring
Overnight monitoring of all your vital CTRM services, with error handling and resolutions ready by the time your in-house team starts their day

Reactive Daytime Resolutions
On-demand services during your team’s working hours, from user support, custom workflows, technical upgrades and more

Cloud Monitoring & Maintenance
Bring your CTRM onto the cloud for 24/7 server monitoring and daily database backup, unlocking new insights at scale

Explore Value Creed’s CTRM Platform Managed Services

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iRely CTRM Managed Services

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