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CTRM/CM as an Architecture – An Approach to A 20-year old Conundrum

Wholesale commodity trading and risk management can encompass any number of business processes and strategies, from brokered trades in which the buyer purchases some quantity of commodity and then immediately resells it at the same point for (hopefully) a profit – to multi-commodity transactions involving global supply chains, transformations, and complex financial hedging strategies. Vendor provided software to service this wide-ranging market, commonly known as Commodity Trading and Risk Management or CTRM software, will similarly vary in possible functional coverage, with some CTRM solutions addressing specific functional components (such as deal capture or risk analysis for a specific commodity), while... continue reading

ComTech Analyst Briefing Note – EKA Update 2017

... continue reading

Visiting with Enuit

I had the opportunity to visit with David Meyers, co-founder and CEO of Enuit LLC, this afternoon to get an update on his company’s recent activities and the overall state of the market from his perspective.  Though the Houston-based company may not be the most well-known of the many CTRM vendors in the market, Enuit has created a solid business since their founding in 2008, usually knocking down a few notable deals each year and growing both their product coverage and their geographic reach with each new sale.  Now, with customers in North America, Europe and the Asia-Pac region, they’ve... continue reading

PROVE IT OR ELSE! Traceability – regulation and consumer demands on your data management

The commodity business has always been fraught with complexity, but under increasing scrutiny from legislators, regulators, consumers, and therefore auditors, that complexity is growing steadily and inexorably. One significant challenge in which complexity is increasing, is the need to track commodities, consumables, and fuels, from source to market. It is no longer the case that buyers can simply pick the best price in choosing a supplier as concerns over issues like food safety, as well as an increasingly savvy consumer that is concerned over abusive labor practices, workers rights, and environmental issues, for example, are increasing the traceability complexity across... continue reading

Aspect Partners With Sapient Global Markets To Meet Growing Demand For CTRM

Aspect, a leading provider of multi-commodity trade, risk and operations management applications delivered in the cloud, today announces a new strategic global partnership with Sapient Global Markets, a leading global provider of business technology and consulting services for the financial and commodity markets. Aspect, which recently announced record sales for the first half of 2016, addresses the needs of commodity traders of all sizes who – in the face of increasing regulatory and shareholder scrutiny – are abandoning spreadsheets and similar unstructured tools in favor of more robust E/CTRM (Energy/Commodity Trading and Risk Management) solutions. Even the smallest commodity trading companies... continue reading

ETRM in a Low Commodity Price Environment

The collapse in wholesale energy prices, which began in earnest mid-year 2014, has resulted in a prolonged period of declining profits, declining trading volumes, bankruptcies in the up-stream markets, and a general malaise in the global wholesale energy markets. Though low prices are a benefit for consumers, this period has been extremely challenging for many in the energy industry, particularly those that produce and trade energy commodities. Though oil prices have recently begun to rise off their 13 year low set in January of 2016, other energy commodity prices, such as power and natural gas, continue to be moribund – in... continue reading

Next Generation Integrated Treasury and Trading for Energy and Commodity Companies

Commodity markets have always been uncertain and have often exhibited extended periods of volatility. Events such as the collapse of Enron and other marketers, the financial crisis, and more recently, BREXIT, have all had massive impact, and yet, after each event, measures have been put in place, both regulatory and in terms of controls, to protect markets, margins and profits. Each tumultuous event has brought learning, innovation and improvements in business processes. The energy industry has also learned from these experiences; adopting better and improved risk controls, systems and tools to predict, protect and profit. Yet, now may be the... continue reading

Aspect Sales Soar As Cloud Takes Firm Hold Of CTRM Software Market

Aspect, first and largest vendor of cloud-based energy and commodity trade and risk management (ETRM / CTRM) software, has seen sales for the first half of the year climb to a record 16-year high as even the largest global organizations are dumping entrenched, legacy software and moving to the cloud. Booking more than $7M in new business through the first 6 months of the year, an increase of 127% over the same period in 2015, Aspect has become the replacement solution of choice for user organizations blighted by traditional client-server solutions that require either costly upgrades or pay-all-over-again replacement versions... continue reading

New Age Energy Markets – Challenges for Utilities, IPPs and Traders

The North American power and gas markets are undergoing an accelerating evolution driven by increasing regulation, new and emergent technologies, and a persistent surplus of natural gas brought about by the “shale revolution.” The transformation from a coal-centric power market to one reliant upon renewables and natural gas for baseload power generation has had profound operational and commercial implications for both the electricity and natural gas markets. Much of the change that has emerged has been catalyzed by regulation at the federal, regional and state levels, including emissions/greenhouse gas regulation and renewable portfolio standards. These regulatory mandates have been... continue reading

Responding To Continual Energy Market Change

The European power and gas industry is currently going through a period of very rapid change that has potentially far reaching consequences. While change is certainly no stranger to the industry, it requires players in the industry to constantly re-evaluate their business process and technology infrastructures in order to adapt and thrive. Examples of the drivers for change include: • Changes in the regional and national political landscape in terms of both environmental issues and the overall structure of the industry, • A host of new regulatory and governance regulations, • Decreased profit margins and, • Major shifts in all aspects of technology from... continue reading

Deriving Business Value from Big Data using Sentiment analysis

‘Big Data’ are two small words that are widely used to describe the massive growth in data of all forms and that hold; the promise of delivering huge potential business impact. The question is, how? Today, and increasingly in the future, businesses are surrounded by masses of data and raw information. Some of this data is very relevant but much of it is not. Further, most of that data is unstructured in the form of email, documents, images and different types of social media, blogs, and so on. Unstructured data is notoriously difficult to access and query, it is scattered across... continue reading

What Is CTRM in the Cloud?

The hot trend for 2016 seems to be CTRM deployed in the cloud as ComTech predicted earlier this year. Almost every vendor in the space now has a cloud strategy of one sort or another and a very small number have begun to offer standard versions for a simple monthly fee. With many companies facing cost or regulatory pressures (or both), the idea of a lower total cost of ownership has become an attractive proposition that is rapidly changing attitudes to CTRM in the cloud according to our research. However, beware of what it says on the box because there... continue reading

Mechem opts for a single Brady Cloud solution to manage its metal trading activities

London: Brady plc (BRY.L), the leading supplier of trading and risk management solutions for metals, recycling, energy and soft commodities, announced today that Mechem S.A., headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland, has selected Brady Cloud CTRM solution with fully integrated accounting and treasury functionality to manage the entirety of its physical trading operations and risk requirements for its global aluminium and copper businesses. Mechem is a privately owned Swiss company founded in 1993 with headquarters in Lausanne and a subsidiary office in Istanbul, Turkey. The company specialises in the international marketing of primary aluminium ingots, extrusion billets and semi-finished products, and is... continue reading

CTRM Conference Video

The 2016 CTRM Conference - for those looking for answers to today's critical questions in CTRM Technology. What solutions should I need? Are my systems capable of addressing the risks and regulations in today's rapidly changing commodities markets? What are my peers doing to address the industries most critical technology challenges? The 2016 CTRMConference at the Amba Hotel, Marble Arche, London - October 27, 2016 Visit for more information or to reserve your seat today!... continue reading

Gaining Advantage in an Era of Low Commodity Prices Using Advanced Analytics

Commodity Technology Advisory (ComTech) recently released the 2016 CTRM Market Update, their latest report on CTRM technology spending and the trends that impact technology buyers around the globe. The central message to this report is that almost all companies that trade, market, or produce commodities have been significantly impacted by the collapse of prices over the last 18 months, with budgets squeezed more tightly than ever before. But companies that reduce spending on IT infrastructure risk falling behind competitors. So how can companies remain competitive in these challenging times? Continue Reading about Gaining Advantage in an Era of Low Commodity... continue reading

Buy? Build? Why Not Both?

A recent survey and report by analyst firm ComTech Advisory suggests that a majority of users of ETRM/CTRM software might consider building custom software to meet their business requirements. In fact, around 70% of the survey’s respondents suggested they would consider such an option. As ComTech noted in the report, about 35% of the respondents were representatives of the top tier of the industry who have extremely complex, global, multi-commodity supply chain operations to manage. Nonetheless, given the maturing market for commercial E/CTRM solutions, the idea that anyone would chose to build a solution is perhaps surprising. ComTech concluded that... continue reading

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