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EMR Update – Reports and comments following the CfD allocation round

The first round of CfD allocations under GB’s Electricity Market Reform(EMR) were announced recently. Following this there have been various comments on the results, and also other aspects of EMR, such as the Capacity Market. The Energy and Climate Change Committee recently published this report reviewing the implementation of EMR to date. The report has … Continue reading →... continue reading

EMR: CBI supportive and calls for focus on efficiency

The UK’s Confederation of Business and Industry(CBI) have made comments supporting the Electricity Market Reform(EMR) which can seen seen in this article on the Businessgreen web site. There are an increasing number of stories coming out in the UK press about possible supply issues, and the problem of getting companies to invest in the UK energy infrastructure, which EMR is partly targeted at resolving. The CBI is suggesting that there is not enough of a focus on efficiency of use, and they would like to see increased incentives for the infrastructure to be pushed in this direction. It is also worth... continue reading

Article on the UK power market: EMR, the CMA investigation and liquidity

See this article on Risk.Net for an interesting overview of the issues facing the UK power market. On the one hand, vertical integration may be responsible for a decrease in liquidity and competition, which is one of the factors that has led to the Competition and Markets Authority(CMA) investigation started earlier this year.  On the other hand, the Electricity Market Reform(EMR) could in many ways be considered as state sponsored market rigging.... continue reading

Latest phase of UK EMR comes into force

See here for a posting on Energy News Live about two parts of the UK Electricity Market Reform (EMR) coming into force today (1 August). This spans the Capacity Market and Contract for Differences (CfD) scheme. For further explanations, see DECC’s (Department of Energy and Climate Change) web site EMR page, and also the relevant stakeholder bulletins.... continue reading

EMR new design announcements and webinar

More details of the new UK Market Design as part of the UK Electricity Market Reform (EMR) will be released next week. Look out for details on DECC’s site here. nPower are giving a webinar on the 26th June summarising what is announced. It is possible to register for this via the Energy Live News website here.... continue reading

Electricity Market Reform, Pandora Is Out Of the Box

Published 14 January 2014 by Aily Armour-Biggs Electricity is the most volatile commodity in the world; and our markets are undergoing profound change.  This means for a number of game changing reasons, for example, Electricity Market Reform, European Market Infrastructure Regulation and global commodity flow: the price of power in the UK market could become very volatile.  As experts in energy trading and finance we would warn that the potential price risk in the UK power market has never been so high. Electricity Market Reform (EMR) represents the biggest change to UK power market since the Industry was privatised nearly... continue reading

Interesting EMR pieces

Reed Smith have published two interesting piece on the UK Electricity Market Reform. This piece is a updated overview, which is useful for those looking to get a quick understanding of the reform. This piece summarises the latest consultation paper on CfDs with feed in tariffs, that were issued by the UK Government here in July.... continue reading

Article about CFD Strike prices under EMR

An interesting short article here about the strike prices for the CfD with Feed in Tariffs coming in under EMR.... continue reading

Consultation on EMR Levy Exemptions

DECC have published a consultation on a proposed carve out from levies on power prices, that could be charged by suppliers in the UK to fund low carbon generation. EMR will see the introduction of a Contract for Differences set with different generators at different strike prices to encourage investment in low carbon generation. This cost could be passed on. The proposal exempts EII (Electricity Intensive Industries) from such charges.... continue reading

DECC Issues new EMR documents

DECC have issued a host of documents on EMR today. They can all be viewed from the main page here. They have issued a detailed announcement on strike prices for CfD’s with feed in tariffs, which are here. And also a document on the design of the capacity market which can be seen here.... continue reading