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What is SaaS? – Software as a Service

SaaS – Software as a Service – software that is owned, delivered and managed remotely by one or more providers. The provider delivers software based on one set of common code and data definitions that is consumed in a one-to-many model by all contracted customers at any time on a pay-for-use basis, or as a subscription based on use metrics. SaaS software can reside in the cloud – either the public cloud or a private cloud. A strict definition would imply that all users use the same software application/database and that each different user company’s data is identified and labelled... continue reading

What is TRM Software? – Trading and Risk Management Software

TRM Software – Trading and Risk Management Software. TRM software is that category of software applications, architectures and tools that support the business processes associated with trading any instrument in any asset class. CTRM Software and ETRM software are subcategories of TRM software.... continue reading

What is ETRM Software? – Energy Trade Risk Management Software

ETRM Energy trading, transaction and risk management ETRM software is that category of software applications, architectures and tools that support the business processes associated with trading energy commodities (Crude oil, Refined products, Natural Gas, NGLs, Electric Power and so on). In the broadest sense, commodity trading means both the buying and selling of energy commodities, the movement and delivery of those energy commodities and associated risk management activities. It therefore comprises a broad set of functions that can vary considerably depending upon which energy commodities are traded, what assets are employed in the business, where those assets are located and... continue reading

What is CTRM Software? – Commodity Trade Risk Management Software

CTRM Commodity trading, transaction and risk management CTRM software is that category of software applications, architectures and tools that support the business processes associated with trading commodities. In the broadest sense, commodity trading means both the buying and selling of commodities, the movement and delivery of those commodities and associated risk management activities. CTRM therefore comprises a broad set of functions that can vary considerably depending upon what commodities are traded, what assets are employed in the business, where those assets are located and what the company’s business strategy and associated business processes are. ETRM Energy Trade Risk Management is... continue reading

FIS Gear Up to Launch Multiple Product Strategy into Commodities

Commodity Technology Advisory asks Dr. Markus Seiser, COO, FIS Energy, about FIS’s strategy and plans for Energy & Commodities ComTech Advisory: FIS now markets its solutions for energy and commodities markets under one umbrella. What products and services is FIS selling and to whom? Markus Seiser: Overall, FIS offers several multiple software products for various industry verticals, tailored to each client’s needs. For example: Our classical solutions for energy and commodities markets focus on asset-backed traders, producers and generators, utilities and LDCs, and others. Here, we serve our clients with extended transaction lifecycle management capabilities, starting with market data services... continue reading

Improving Data Aggregation and Analysis to Address Challenges of an Evolving Energy Market

The North American energy markets, influenced by both domestic and international developments, are undergoing a rapid evolution that has and continues to challenge energy commodity producers, processors, and traders. Driven by technical innovation, regulatory intervention and globalization, the changes occurring have impacted the entirety of the energy supply chain - establishing new pricing correlations, increasing operational complexities and creating new markets and trading hubs…and, by extension, created vast new pools of data and information that must be considered when formulating market strategies and trading decisions.... continue reading

An Interview with John O Malley – CEO, OpenLink

ComTech Advisory’s Patrick Reames visits with Mr. John O’Malley, CEO of OpenLink about the company’s recently announced cloud strategy.... continue reading

Supply Chain Challenges: BIOMASS

Over the last decade, biomass of various kinds has become an increasingly commonly used fuel for electricity generation, particularly in the European Union, which mandated ambitious threshold targets for the share of renewables in total electricity generation.... continue reading

ComTech Analyst Briefing Note – EKA Update 2017

... continue reading

The Era of ETRM in the Cloud

Commodity Technology Advisory (ComTech) has been tracking the rise of ETRM solutions delivered in the cloud over many years. While the potential benefits and cost savings associated with ETRM in the cloud have always appeared to be robust, uptake across the industry has proven to be quite slow until relatively recently. Although many other industries migrated to the cost efficiencies of the cloud, the energy industry lagged behind. The key concern quoted by the industry was usually data security, despite companies often having back-up and recovery procedures in place that result in trade and position data being stored off-site. Then,... continue reading

PROVE IT OR ELSE! Traceability – regulation and consumer demands on your data management

The commodity business has always been fraught with complexity, but under increasing scrutiny from legislators, regulators, consumers, and therefore auditors, that complexity is growing steadily and inexorably. One significant challenge in which complexity is increasing, is the need to track commodities, consumables, and fuels, from source to market. It is no longer the case that buyers can simply pick the best price in choosing a supplier as concerns over issues like food safety, as well as an increasingly savvy consumer that is concerned over abusive labor practices, workers rights, and environmental issues, for example, are increasing the traceability complexity across... continue reading

ComTech releases our latest research report – ETRM in a Low Commodity Price Environment

I’m sure everyone reading this blog is well aware of the current energy market conditions – persistent low prices across almost all energy commodities, regulatory changes that have impacted all markets and continue to change in others, the influx of renewable energy sources and any number of regional or localized developments that are impacting commodity prices and the companies that operate in those markets. With this back drop, ComTech Advisory, in cooperation and with sponsorship from FIS and Capco, undertook a research effort intended to provide insights into the impact the current market conditions are having when it comes to... continue reading

ETRM in a Low Commodity Price Environment

The collapse in wholesale energy prices, which began in earnest mid-year 2014, has resulted in a prolonged period of declining profits, declining trading volumes, bankruptcies in the up-stream markets, and a general malaise in the global wholesale energy markets. Though low prices are a benefit for consumers, this period has been extremely challenging for many in the energy industry, particularly those that produce and trade energy commodities. Though oil prices have recently begun to rise off their 13 year low set in January of 2016, other energy commodity prices, such as power and natural gas, continue to be moribund – in... continue reading

Software Firm Ignite ETRM Announces – Recently Founded Physical Oil Trading Operation Deploys Ignite ETRM Cloud Solution.

London, United Kingdom / Geneva, Switzerland, August 30 2016. Ignite’s ETRM Cloud Solution to Serve as Core Enterprise Trading and Risk Management Solution for Newly Founded Trading Organization. ELEMENT Alpha SA, a newly founded, Geneva-based Crude Oil and Refined Oil Products trading organisation, has chosen Ignite ETRM’s cloud-based trading and risk management solution from a short list of C/ETRM vendors. ELEMENT was formed end of 2015 by a group of seasoned oil traders who are specialized in Crude Oil and Refined Oil-Products trading. With no initial systems in place, Ignite ETRM has quickly and methodically implemented its flagship ETRM solution, InterConnect, thus enabling ELEMENT’s business to quickly ramp up... continue reading

Next Generation Integrated Treasury and Trading for Energy and Commodity Companies

Commodity markets have always been uncertain and have often exhibited extended periods of volatility. Events such as the collapse of Enron and other marketers, the financial crisis, and more recently, BREXIT, have all had massive impact, and yet, after each event, measures have been put in place, both regulatory and in terms of controls, to protect markets, margins and profits. Each tumultuous event has brought learning, innovation and improvements in business processes. The energy industry has also learned from these experiences; adopting better and improved risk controls, systems and tools to predict, protect and profit. Yet, now may be the... continue reading

New Age Energy Markets – Challenges for Utilities, IPPs and Traders

The North American power and gas markets are undergoing an accelerating evolution driven by increasing regulation, new and emergent technologies, and a persistent surplus of natural gas brought about by the “shale revolution.” The transformation from a coal-centric power market to one reliant upon renewables and natural gas for baseload power generation has had profound operational and commercial implications for both the electricity and natural gas markets. Much of the change that has emerged has been catalyzed by regulation at the federal, regional and state levels, including emissions/greenhouse gas regulation and renewable portfolio standards. These regulatory mandates have been... continue reading