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2017 CTRM Software Sourcebook Released

Houston, TX, USA and Prague, Czech Republic, July 24th 2017. Commodity Technology Advisory LLC (ComTech Advisory), the leading analyst firm covering energy and commodity trading and risk management (E/CTRM) technologies, has released the 2017 Sourcebook of CTRM Suppliers and Software (CTRM Sourcebook). Featuring coverage of 35 products from 30 different vendors, the CTRM Sourcebook will be an invaluable tool for those seeking to build a long list of potential solutions in the E/CTRM Software arena. ComTech Advisory’s CTRM Sourcebook is designed to be a useful and usable resource to help those seeking information as to the capabilities and coverage of... continue reading

ProCom and Deloitte cooperate to provide services for power plant optimization

Aachen, 27 June 2017 – From now on the global consulting company Deloitte and its offices in the Czech Republic and the Aachen-based company ProCom will be offering joint services for power plant optimization in the European Market. For operators of power plants, optimization means that their facilities can be used more economically and they as operators benefit from greater transparency over the operating status and financial success of their assets. The aim of optimization is to provide improved marketing of their flexibility in the long and medium-term electricity trading market or in the day-ahead and intra-day sector. The cooperation... continue reading

Developments in CEE – An Interview with David Kučera

An Interview with David Kučera, General Secretary of the Prague Energy Exchange („PXE“) ComTechAdvisory: Tell us a little about PXE – its history and objectives David Kučera: PXE was established as a daughter company of Prague Stock Exchange. The idea came from the largest power market participants who were looking for an independent and transparent venue that would show electricity market prices and that would enable to conclude transparent transactions on the anonymous basis. As we were successful on our local market we wanted to take advantage of our know-how and expand our product offering to other countries. We focused... continue reading

Interesting Two Days At ETSCEE

I am back from my trip to Prague and the ETSCEE conference. It was an interesting agenda and a good place to meet people. I found the opening presentation by Florian Ermacora of the European Commission most interesting on two levels. Firstly, in terms of what the EU is planning with respect to markets in Europe and secondly, as someone who frankly doubts that CO2 has anything to do with warming by virtue of my geological background, I was horrified by the lengths the EU is planning to go to promote this political agenda – but enough of that already.... continue reading

It’s Prague for ETCEE this week!

I will be headed to Prague this week for a couple of days to attend the Energy Trading – Central and South Eastern Europe Conference in Prague. In fact, I’ll be actually chairing the special session on June 15th on Disruptive innovation and IT Trends in transaction and execution. I will be joined by Michael Merz of Ponton, Richard Plum of ProCom, Vladimir Vanek of Deloitte and Matej Wagner of Gen-I and I am looking forward to it and to revisiting Prague. Later in the year, we will be hosting the CTRM Conference with Synergy – the organisers of ETCEE... continue reading

Viruses, Worms, and Other Strange Internet Creatures

A few years ago, I was in charge of the operations of a power trading in firm in Prague reporting to the Board of Directors. I discovered just how stressful a job can truly be and I learned a lot about the realities of commodity trading and businesses in general. In commodities, we talk a lot about risk management. We think about price impacts, we think about timing, credit, legalities in contracts and so much more. In my experience, two risks kept me on my toes more than any other – IT and People. In the past, I have written... continue reading

EEX to launch Central & Eastern European Power Futures in cooperation with the Power Exchange Central Europe (PXE)

EEX May 4th, 2017– EEX will enhance its power derivatives offering by listing Central & Eastern European markets on its platform in cooperation with Prague based Power Exchange Central Europe (PXE) on 15th June 2017. Currently, PXE offers power derivatives contracts for the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania and Poland which will be migrated to EEX. The transfer of PXE products to the EEX T7 platform opens up new trading opportunities for both PXE and EEX members as they will gain access to the whole range of power derivatives products that is currently tradable on EEX and PXE. Furthermore, this... continue reading

CEZ Group Selects DataGenic To Provide Trading Data Management Solution

London, UK, 23 November 2016 – DataGenic, a leading provider of commodity data management solutions, announced today it has been selected by CEZ Group, the Czech integrated electricity conglomerate with operations in a number of countries in Central and South-Eastern Europe and Turkey, to implement its flagship Genic DataManager solution and supporting software modules. Following a competitive and extensive selection process, CEZ Group selected DataGenic to replace a combination of in-house and third party applications with their award winning commodity data management solutions. Capable of providing an automated, quality assured and auditable approach to data collection, storage, distribution, and analysis... continue reading

Trains, Taxis and Dislocation Events

I spent the first part of this week at the SAP Commodity Management Forum in Heidelberg – of which – more next week. There were around 80 people attending and I was pleasantly surprised to find that group included a lot of old friends and colleagues. I was also quite honestly blown away by the number of attendees who told me how they visited this site and how useful they found it. Always good to know that this site is widely read and well thought of in the industry. Traveling from Brno where I live is always a bit of... continue reading

A Weekend Drive

This weekend, I took a quick trip out to a small Czech brewery in Dalesice. Czech beer is amongst the finest in the world and is certainly one of many good features about the country I currently reside in. What I hadn’t realized was that the drive would take me by two CEZ generating facilities. The first is a rather amazing site even from a distance with its massive cooling towers spewing so much water vapor in to the air it makes its own clouds. That facility is a nuclear reactor called Dukovny It comprises four pressurized-water reactors of the... continue reading

2015 CTRM Market Outlook Report Issued By Commodity Technology Advisory llc

Fewer larger license deals but increased spending Houston, TX and Prague, Czech Republic (PRWEB) April 30, 2015 Commodity Technology Advisory (ComTech Advisory), the leading analyst firm for energy and commodity trading and risk management (E/CTRM) technologies, has released its annual market outlook report for Commodity Trading and Risk Management (CTRM) software. The report, which includes a current and 5-year outlook for the market, is available for free download at either the ComTech Advisory website or the CTRM Center (https://www.ctrmcenter.com). In discussing the results of the company’s analysis, Patrick Reames, Managing Partner notes, “ComTech estimates the value of the global market... continue reading

2014 CTRM Software Markets Reviewed By Commodity Technology Advisory llc

New Book in Kindle and Paperback formats Houston, TX and Prague, Czech Republic (PRWEB) March 23, 2015 Commodity Technology Advisory llc (ComTech), the leading analyst firm for energy and commodity trading and risk management (E/CTRM) technologies, has released the first in a series of annually published books. Titled CTRM/ETRM Software Markets – A Year in Review 2014, the book is a carefully chosen and edited collection of articles and research papers published by Commodity Technology in 2014 selected to provide an overview of the year. Patrick Reames and Gary M. Vasey, who are the Managing Partners and principal analysts at... continue reading

ComTech Advisory Launches Prestigious CTRM Thought Leaders Program

New Program to Recognize Key Contributors to the Industry Houston, TX and Prague, Czech Republic (PRWEB) March 10, 2015 Commodity Technology Advisory llc (ComTech), the leading analyst firm for energy and commodity trading and risk management (E/CTRM) technologies, is pleased to announce a new program that recognizes those individuals that have made, and continue to make, significant contributions to the advancement of the technologies and related business processes that are a critical component of commodity management, trading, marketing, and risk management. Identified as CTRM Thought Leaders, these individuals have been key contributors to the industry over the last decade or... continue reading

Prague power bourse launches ECC clearing for trades

The Prague-based Power Exchange Central Europe launched new settlement services through Germany’s European Commodity Clearing on Monday, a move officials said would cut costs for bourse members and lower margin limits. The deal announced last October gives ECC, a subsidiary of Leipzig-based European Energy Exchange, a foothold in the east European market and will help the Prague exchange increase volumes as it pushes to be the regional hub for power trading. “The new clearing solution will make trading cheaper for PXE members, as they will be able to transact higher transaction volumes with lower capital requirements,” PXE Chief Executive David... continue reading

One Month In…

One month after rejoining Patrick here at ComTech Advisory, I am already busy. Having got this site populated and launched, I am now focused on assisting a client shortlist some CTRM solutions for consideration and working with Aviv Handler of ETR Advisory on our European Regulatory Report amongst other things. For some, perhaps it is a surprise that we also do some ‘end user’ work?. In fact, we help companies seeking new technology solutions to move rapidly to identify a qualified pool of software and services providers and products that can best meet the needs of their unique business models... continue reading