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Proof of Concept vs RFP?

Around a month ago, I wrote wondering about the procurement process and whether with migration of systems to the cloud, companies might start abandoning the expensive and risk prone... continue reading

Why the RFP Just Won’t go Away?

I was looking through our archives today for an idea to write about and came across an article from 2014 called RIP RFP? The idea behind the blog was... continue reading

Reflections on the CTRM Market with Pioneer’s Hugo Stappers

I caught up with Mr. Hugo Stappers of Pioneer this week. Hugo and I go back a couple of decades and both spent many years living in Houston, Texas,... continue reading

Easing into 2020

The festive period often seems to go on for ever especially as it seems to start earlier and earlier each year. I don’t know about you but over the... continue reading

Why Win/Loss Reporting is Essential

Vendors of E/CTRM software operate in fast moving and highly challenging markets. Buyer requirements are shifting and changing all of the time as customers seek new ways to make... continue reading

Is E/CTRM Software Procurement on the Rise?

The number of announcements from vendors regarding new sales of E/CTRM software have been few and far between through 2019 to date. In part, this reflects a stronger reluctance... continue reading

Pioneer Solutions Staying Busy

As we move into a European summer, I have been trying to chat to as many people in the business as possible only too aware that by August, Europe... continue reading

Contigo Thrives Finding Demand Across Europe

Yesterday, I visited with Mr. Simon Wheeler, CEO of Contigo. It’s been around 7-months or so since Contigo was acquired by Australian ETRM specialists – EnergyOne, so how was... continue reading

CTRM Choices

I don’t know about everyone else but we have had a remarkably busy start to 2019. For example, we have been engaged in several market sweeps already where we... continue reading

Is Your IT Department Protecting You From the Right CTRM Solution?

I was talking to a vendor salesperson a few days ago (who shall remain nameless). He told me that quite often, they demonstrate their solution to the IT department... continue reading

A Late Flurry of Demand?

Q4 and the holiday season is often a busy time for the vendors. It has been historically the favored time for the RFP (as periodic CTRMCenter contributor David Calmonson will... continue reading

ION sees cross-industry growth in implementation of treasury and risk management systems worldwide

NEW YORK, Sept. 12, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — ION, the largest global provider of trading, analytics and risk management solutions for capital markets, commodities and treasury management, is working with an increasingly diverse... continue reading

Software Selection? Did You Think Of This?

Being in and around the industry all day, every day, you hear a lot of stories. Mainly war stories. How companies spend a lot of money going through selection... continue reading

Water, Water Everywhere but Not A Drop to Drink

This afternoon, I was catching up with one of our CTRM Thought Leaders – Jan van den Brom of Agiboo – when we got on to an interesting topic.... continue reading

The Blockchain of Food

Raja Ramachandran and team, a start-up at the forefront of creating a blockchain solution for our food system was a recent participant at The Mixing Bowl’s FOOD IT:... continue reading

Mixed Signals?

With so many strands of activity and so many changes taking place in commodity technology markets, trying to spot and understand trends is akin to reading tea leafs at... continue reading

New Models For CTRM Procurement?

In the past, the typical CTRM procurement often involved long and expensive RFIs and RFPs, demonstrations, scorings and decisions. With the advent of the cloud along with all of... continue reading

FERDEC and Trade Surveillance

There are a host of consultancy companies that are focused on the various aspects of commodity trading and CTRM Software, and occasionally one of them morphs into becoming a... continue reading

A Bit More on RFPs

This week’s humorous blog by David Calmonson on the sales process for CTRM software made me think about writing about this topic too. After all, these procurement processes are... continue reading

The CTRM Oscar Ceremony

The events from the Dolby Theatre the other day got me thinking about an Oscar ceremony for CTRM software vendors. I first heard the word Dolby when I was... continue reading

Is European CTRM Demand Finally Picking Up?

With significantly lower commodity prices, a plethora of new regulations to deal with, structural changes in the industry (read renewables largely), more difficult to find trading opportunities and so... continue reading