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Blockchain Technology Represents a New Frontier of Innovation in the Commodity Trading Industry

Arnaud Stevens, MD & Head of Global Energy and Commodities-Trade & Structured Finance, Americas, Natixis The distributed ledger technology represents a new frontier of innovation and should dramatically improve the way we do business in the energy and commodity industry. Digitization is radically reshaping the industry. Blockchain can support a wide range of applications, and it’s already being used for peer to peer payment services, supply chain tracking and more. We want to use blockchain to optimize the antiquated arena of commodity trade finance. The current process is based on the exchange of paper documents and is labor intensive; we... continue reading

It’s A Wrap!

The CTRM Conference took place last Thursday in Amsterdam. It was attended by over 65 delegates from all parts of the industry who enjoyed perhaps the best content ever delivered at one of our conferences. All of the presentations were excellent and these will be made available to delegates in due course. Attendance was down slightly over previous years in part due to inclement weather which stopped a number of delegates making the conference (delayed and disrupted flights) including a panel member and speaker. Despite that, feedback was once again excellent and we thank all presenters, panel members, sponsors, and... continue reading

The rise of artificial intelligence in Africa

Artificial intelligence (AI) was first coined in 1956 by the scientist John McCarthy at Dartmouth College. Nearly 60 years later, it is now enjoying a major resurgence thanks to the exponential increases in computing power, the development of more sophisticated algorithms and the vast availability of data. The convergence of these technological developments has fueled AI’s rapid progress, making it the centre of attention for technology investment. Today the hype around the AI is at its peak and many believe that we stand at the edge of a technological revolution. It is argued that today’s transformations are not merely a... continue reading

New CTRM Market Outlook Report Issued By ComTech

Fewer larger license deals but increasing spending. HOUSTON, TX AND PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC. (PRWEB) SEPTEMBER 07, 2017 Commodity Technology Advisory (ComTech Advisory), the leading analyst firm for energy and commodity trading and risk management (E/CTRM) technologies, has released its biannual market outlook report for Commodity Trading and Risk Management (CTRM) software. The report, which includes actual market size estimates for 2016 and a 5-year outlook, is available in a summarized form as a free download at either the ComTech Advisory website or the CTRM Center (https://www.ctrmcenter.com). A full report, providing a detailed breakdown and discussion by industry segment, commodity and global... continue reading

2016 – 2021 CTRM Market Outlook

Commodity Technology Advisory LLC (ComTech), the leading analyst firm covering commodity trading and risk management (CTRM) technology markets, has recently completed its biannual in-depth review of the CTRM software market space in order to compile an estimate of the size of the global CTRM technology market and prepare an outlook for growth across the various component submarkets that comprise it. Readers of this report should be aware that in the development of this data, as in past years, we must delineate boundaries for the companies and applications reflected in the scope of the analysis.... continue reading

Dislocations and Adaptions

In our book and many different papers over the years, Patrick and I have talked about the evolution of C/ETRM software in terms of technology adoption curves and market dislocations. Some of you might be familiar with out model? The general idea is that the technology adoption curve for E/CTRM software keeps on getting ‘dislocated’ by sudden changes in the industry – Enron, Regulations, deregulation of markets, and so on.       The impact of these market dislocations is to stall the natural growth of the adoption curve creating a set of stranded products from smaller vendor who cannot... continue reading

2017 CTRM Software Sourcebook Released

Houston, TX, USA and Prague, Czech Republic, July 24th 2017. Commodity Technology Advisory LLC (ComTech Advisory), the leading analyst firm covering energy and commodity trading and risk management (E/CTRM) technologies, has released the 2017 Sourcebook of CTRM Suppliers and Software (CTRM Sourcebook). Featuring coverage of 35 products from 30 different vendors, the CTRM Sourcebook will be an invaluable tool for those seeking to build a long list of potential solutions in the E/CTRM Software arena. ComTech Advisory’s CTRM Sourcebook is designed to be a useful and usable resource to help those seeking information as to the capabilities and coverage of... continue reading

SourceBook 2017

The 2017 Commodity Technology Advisory LLC (ComTech) CTRM Software Sourcebook is designed to be a useful and usable resource to help those seeking information as to the capabilities and coverage of products within the CTRM software category. It is a starting point in the product selection process - a mid-level guide to allow the reader to develop a long list of vendors that have high potential capabilities in terms of functional and commodity coverage meet the specific needs of CTRM market participants.... continue reading

2017 CTRM Conference Unveiled

Commodity Technology Advisory LLC teams up with Synergy to Deliver 2017 CTRM Conference Houston, TX, USA and Czech Republic, July 20th 2017. Commodity Technology Advisory (ComTech), the leading analyst firm covering the energy and commodity trading and risk management (E/CTRM and Commodity Management) technologies markets, announces that it will be hosting the 4th annual CTRM Conference in Amsterdam on October 5th, 2015 in partnership with veteran Conference organizer, Synergy, and its E-Mart Energy and Utility Week events. The CTRM Conference, a unique 1-day event focused on the $1.6billion E/CTRM and CM software category, brings together end users, service practitioners, and... continue reading

How Technology Is Changing the Market For Energy Commodities

By Kent Bernhart An experiment performed by a startup in Brooklyn, New York, in 2016 could be a harbinger of the future of the energy industry. In the experiment, individuals were able to trade energy generated by solar panels between each other using the same blockchain technology that undergirds the bitcoin cryptocurrency. Though it was just a small test, the Brooklyn experiment showed blockchain technology is poised to become a major factor in the energy sector by shaking up the way commodities are traded. “When you combine blockchain technology with … Internet of Things [IoT] and artificial intelligence, you’ll be... continue reading

A Trip To London – An Emerging Technology Theme

Last week, both Patrick and I were in London. It was a busy week and we managed to visit a lot of people in the industry over the course of the week. One recurrent theme that we picked up was changing technology. Whether discussions about the impact of blockchain over lunch, or the impact of cloud on CTRM, each meeting seemed to have a strong technology theme to it. This even seemed echoed ion the OpenLink announcement of their cloud strategy. The industry is changing very quickly – perhaps too quickly. At a dinner we attended on Tuesday night, the... continue reading

OATI Successfully Migrates Data Center Operations to New Microgrid Technology Center

Minneapolis, MN: May 08, 2017 – OATI has successfully migrated Data Center operations from its Plymouth Data Center to the new Microgrid Technology Center.  This was a single site move and continues the years of OATI Active/Active Data Center architecture. To prepare for the migration, the OATI Move team harnessed expertise across many departments. Over the past 6 months, the team comprehensively tested and simulated migrations to predict how OATI systems would operate. These tests helped OATI anticipate and mitigate potential issues during the move. From April 04 to April 27, 2017, the Migration team unracked, moved, and reracked over... continue reading

Interview Corner – The CTRMCenter Interviews Point To Technology Disruption

The CTRMCenter will often conduct short written interviews with people from around the industry. The interviews can be found in the Interview Corner section of the website under the Publications tab. In the last few weeks, we have had some truly insightful interviews on the general theme of the technology revolution that is currently underway in commodities. We have covered, for example, distributed ledger technologies and blockchain via an interview with Scott Riley of Kynetix, a company that has pioneered blockchain via its blockchain consortium. We also covered the attempt by Beacon to create a new type of CTRM solution... continue reading

ComTech is launching the 2017 CTRM SourceBook

Commodity Technology Advisory (ComTech) is pleased to announce we’ve launched the data collection efforts for the 2017 CTRM SourceBook.  As I’m sure our readers know, the SourceBook has become more or less the definitive first source of information for those companies beginning a software selection process.  The most recent version, published in 2015, has been downloaded thousands of times and is the industries best known reference for software buyers and selection consultants seeking insights into the capabilities of vendors and their products. As a result, we believe that having a listing in the CTRM SourceBook is very important for all... continue reading

Contigo Adding Staff For Growth

Contigo tell me that they are adding staff, including a couple of more senior appointees, as they look to grow through 2017. One recent recruit is Paul Spencer who has joined as Head of Technology. Paul had previously worked as a Head of technical development since 2003 across varied markets including automotive, travel, finance, retail, and manufacturing, where his roles have been largely based on driving companies forward via innovative technologies and implementing new systems to increase efficiencies and gain richer functionality. Paul told us that his ‘aim will be to focus on product quality. We must be really proud... continue reading

At Applied DNA, They’re Really Getting Into Leather

By GREGORY ZELLER at Innovatelli.com A new international partnership backed by a host of well-known global brands will develop DNA-based security and product-authentication solutions for the leather industries. Stony Brook-based biotech Applied DNA Sciences this week announced a “research agreement” with BLC Leather Technology Centre, a UK-based R&D firm that delivers a range of services to leather suppliers, manufacturers and distributors in some 40 countries. Applied DNA President and CEO James Hayward was slated to officially introduce the program Thursday at the BLC-sponsored Sustainability in the Leather Supply Chain conference in Hong Kong. Underwritten by several multinational brands – including... continue reading